solenoid valve
K Series Solenoid Valve
Q Series Solenoid Valve
breathing/throttle/control valve
YMF Solenoid pulse valve
MCF Series Solenoid pulse valve
Pneumatic Valves
--Electrically controlled cross valve  
source treatment unit seroes
Pilot head
Pneumatic element
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Fenghua Banxi Hongda Pneumatic element factory was established in 1990 in Chiang Kai-shek's hometown - Zhejiang Fenghua Xikoutian, convenient traffic away from the urban areas only 36 kilometers Ningbo, convenient sea, land and air, pneumatic members of the Association factory is one of the units .

I plant strong technical force, and comprehensive product specifications, a total of more than 10 series 100 kinds of specifications. Main products of the joint design type, Xidehailong, Edeke and other new types of two-two, two three, three five-solenoid directional control valve, gas processing, cylinder products.
ADD:NO.36 ZongyanRoad,Industrial Zone,Xikou Town,Fenghua City.   TEL:0574-88847108    FAX:0574-88847101
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